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Maximize business value with proven best practices

Better results demand a holistic and business-like approach, integrated across the enterprise as well as its delivery ecosystem. We help stitch together the enterprise and ecosystem in support of better results by applying customer lifetime value and profitability concepts, dovetailing service/experience design with customer needs and product characteristics, embracing supply chain best practices that pull together partners, and optimizing execution through the blocking and tackling of process management and improvement. This approach enables TRG to work with clients as well as their partners to maximize Customer Experience business value.


What we can achieve

  1. Deliver "Wow" customer experiences and build loyalty

  2. Position Customer Support and Service/Repair operations for current and future needs

  3. Accelerate customer problem resolution and responsiveness

  4. Improve return and repair processes for cost, lead time and carbon footprint reductions

  5. Leverage partnership/outsourcing opportunities and execution

  6. Raise Customer Support profitability

TRG’s Customer Experience and Support expertise runs from strategy through execution, from high volume to low, systems to software, and physical products to services. We currently maintain a special interest and focused expertise in:


Customer Experience

Supply Chain

Customer Experience

Sustainable operations

Product development

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