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Superior revenue growth and operational excellence have combined to drive Lam’s performance. TRG is a key contributor to this sustained performance, working in partnership with Lam over several years to convert operational strategy into bottom line results. Our joint projects have made a big difference, particularly in Lam’s aftermarket consumable and spare parts business and provide significant green supply chain benefits.

Transforming operations from manual to automated using the PLEX Cloud ERP set the stage for Knightscope’s rapid growth rate of almost 500% since go live, while avoiding increased headcount by 25%.  TRG led this transformation from design to implementation within 12 weeks, realizing first module benefits in less than 4 weeks from contract to value!

The need for delivering both great experience and maximum value for shareholders led Intuit to globally outsource much contact center work – especially difficult with the knowledge-intensive level of support required and seasonal surge of demand early each calendar year. With these challenges in mind, Intuit then partnered with TRG to protect its strategic customer relationship asset.

Specialized manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration supplies the needed agility and control to succeed—ensuring quality, flexibility, product availability, and reduced costs.
TRG contributed to Shutterfly’s success by:
Establishing flexible material planning system to support growth
Establishing responsive supply chain business processes meeting quality, cost, and availability requirements
Negotiating contracts and managing supply chain throughout critical Q4

FoxHollow turned to TRG to assist with critical scaling of business processes, while utilizing their own lean internal resources to continue ongoing operations and to expand facilities. Utilizing TRG’s Innovate 4 ResultsSM approach, we partnered with FoxHollow’s Management Team to rapidly scale capabilities, implement a new ERP system and meet an aggressive pre-IPO timetable.

Competitors besiege large customers, such as major bank and financial software players, with promises of increasingly better deals. Harland needed to rapidly meet these accelerating demands for both better service and lower prices – while protecting current and future profitability and sustainability.
TRG partnered with Harland to effect rapid and lasting changes in manufacturing, providing rapid cost and service benefits, along with the platform for ongoing improvements:

TRG partnered with Hyperion to rapidly implement a single, integrated way of executing Quality Management and Customer Support, achieving:

  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings

  • Stronger revenue from Support contract renewals

  • Enterprise-wide Quality Management and Support metrics

  • Significantly reduced I/T maintenance costs through system convergence

  • Better integration of subsequent acquisitions

The basics of the traditional service level versus cost tradeoff are familiar enough, but the urgency is higher and the complexity greater than in most service parts operations, partly because of the value of time, and partly because of the technical complexity of the engineering. Add in the financial challenges of boom-and-bust cyclicality, and the global logistics strategy takes on a big role in KLA-Tencor’s business

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