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Sustainable Enterprise
Maturity Model

Winners see opportunity. Losers see only burden. It’s an old story given new meaning in the emerging landscape of sustainability. How do you get from seeing opportunity to capturing it?

TRG’s proprietary Sustainable Enterprise Maturity Model    provides the framework for winning. It measures maturity, or readiness and capability to capitalize on Sustainable growth and profitability opportunities, presently and over time. Maturity is profiled across the enterprise dimensions driving competitive advantage shown in the model below.


Process Innovation Methodology

TRG finds that maturity for each dimension is defined around four levels of development: Complier, Dabbler, Consistent Improver and Enterprise Optimizer. Compliers take minimum necessary actions. Dabblers make limited efforts to develop greener products and/or save cost through more sustainable supply-side operations but lack consistent focus and follow through. Consistent improvers have incremental supply and/or demand-side themes and objectives for what they want to accomplish, along with systematic plans, processes and metrics. 

Enterprise Optimizers go beyond consistency. They leverage a fierce desire to win through proactive and committed leadership, innovative ideas, and structural changes They build community engagement and collaboration, and focus on integrating strategy across the enterprise. These ongoing actions separate them from the pack, creating or furthering dominant positions. For example, Lam Research created an overwhelming and structural advantage in inventory asset productivity that increased customer responsiveness and market share, while also saving resources and dollars (see client results).

Just as a child may rapidly develop intellectual capability but lag socially (or vice versa), companies do not necessarily develop maturity at the same rate across all dimensions. Companies must understand not only their current pattern of maturity, but also the emerging pattern they must create to win. TRG’s Sustainable Enterprise Maturity Model accelerates building a more comprehensive and deeper road map to competitive advantage and a solid basis for effective action

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