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Engagement Summary

Benefit: Rapid cloud ERP implementation with limited impact on resources.

Industry: Robotics & Security

Engagement Detail

This emerging robotic security company has exciting technology and home-run business potential. It delivers smart eyes and ears along with an imposing physical presence to help protect customers, assets and employees 24/7, indoors and out.  To realize this potential the company needed a rapid ramp up of operations with newly scalable processes and systems.

Cloud ERP Consulting

Transforming operations from manual to automated using the PLEX Cloud ERP set the stage for Knightscope’s rapid growth rate of almost 500% since go live, while avoiding increased headcount by 25%.  TRG led this transformation from design to implementation within 12 weeks, realizing first module benefits in less than 4 weeks from contract to value!

TRG and Knightscope utilized PLEX operational strengths and rapid deployment to establish effective controls in advance of rapid growth.


Key functions

  • Vendor delivery performance ensuring build schedule support

  • Inventory control to prevent shortages and delays

  • Field and Factory service to manage scarce resources and control costs

  • Customer Invoicing and Accounts Payable management

TRG worked closely with the Knightscope team to establish effective business processes.  TRG recommendations and guidance helped Knightscope leverage expertise in supply chain, product introduction and manufacturing: Taking advantage of PLEX Education Services, On-line Community and Customer Support the Knightscope team came up to speed quickly.  The implementation enabled the following key business processes across PLEX modules:

Business Process

  • Development to Release

  • Procure to Pay

  • Plan to Produce

  • Quote to Cash

  • Delivery to Support

PLEX Modules implemented

  • Engineering

  • Purchasing, Receiving and Inventory Management

  • Material Planning and Production Scheduling

  • Shop Floor Control and Quality Management

  • General Ledger, AP, AR

  • Document Management

  • Customer Order Management and Invoicing

  • Service

"TRG's team was expert in both Operations and PLEX capabilities.  They led us through the implementation process and kept us focused.  We met the very tight time line and established critical business processes needed to support our rapid growth. TRG enabled us to quickly gain the PLEX expertise needed to support our business going forward."


Mercedes Soria, Knightscope EVP, Software Engineering and Operations

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