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Engagement Summary

Benefit: Reduced unit labor costs and cut manufacturing turnaround time

Industry: Printing Services

Engagement Detail

How do you prosper when industry volumes decrease every year?   Harland, an eighty-year-old check printing firm, is an industry leader in a fiercely competitive market with just this challenge.

Competitors besiege large customers, such as major bank and financial software players, with promises of increasingly better deals.  Harland needed to rapidly meet these accelerating demands for both better service and lower prices – while protecting current and future profitability and sustainability.

TRG partnered with Harland to effect rapid and lasting changes in manufacturing, providing rapid cost and service benefits, along with the platform for ongoing improvements:

  • Reduced unit labor costs by 20%

  • Cut manufacturing turnaround time by 50%

  • Reduced carbon footprint through lower energy consumption and less commuting

  • Improved relationships with major customers

We achieved these results through:

”This work made an immediate positive impact to both customer satisfaction and our profitability, along with opportunity for continuing improvement.  TRG partnered with Harland and worked in concert with our people to quickly deliver a great outcome”.


John Heald, President, Printed Products Division 

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