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Industries Served

TRG has served over 150 client companies in a range of industries all with highly challenging requirements and tenacious competition.  Our operational expertise has a proven track record in achieving critical business milestones and industry leading performance.

Technology, Industrial, Consumer, Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Deliver value through implementation and optimization

Discrete manufacturers must focus on reducing costs, controlling quality, supporting rapid product introductions, optimizing supply chains and providing exceptional customer support all while dealing with challenging labor issues, regulatory requirements and rapidly evolving technology in the production environment.  TRG has supported manufacturing companies in these industries for more than 20 years enabling our clients to leap forward and lead their competitors.

Process Industries

Process manufacturers, such as Food & Beverage companies, must be exceptional at managing critical supply chain risks, batch recipe control, lot management, traceability, shelf life control, statistical process control, regulatory certifications, audits and recall procedures.  TRG has supported semiconductor, food and beverage, building materials, and other process clients to rapidly achieve certifications,  cost reductions, resolve quality issues, leverage new technology and achieve dramatically improved utilization of scarce resources. TRG can help your company manage supply chain issues, meet health and safety requirements, produce the highest-quality products, operate efficiently, and maximize profitability with the right technology and tools.

Healthcare Industries

The Healthcare industry faces unique challenges with providing the highest level of patient care while managing a dynamic labor environment, ever changing regulatory compliance, and the drive to automate and integrate processes across functions. This while mitigating increasing cybersecurity and other risks. TRG helps establish an integrated approach for managing these factors with leading edge program management, system selection, rapid implementation and integrations.   TRG has helped some of the industries best performers achieve a competitive edge.

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