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Technology Strategy & Enterprise Systems

Technology Strategy and Roadmap Development

Deliver value through implementation and optimization

Assessing the current technology driving business processes is the first step in identifying gaps in achieving future state performance.  Identifying the solutions to fill those gaps and creating a prioritized roadmap for putting the needed technology in place gives your company a realistic, pragmatic and actionable plan

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Enterprise System Selection

Enterprise Systems are a crucial enabler of a company’s success.  Making the right selection at the right cost and with the right capabilities leads to achieving the expected value and ROI.  The result can fit your business like a glove or become a constant irritant and resource drain.  TRG's selection process ensures clarity that cuts through the sales pitch and competition that can save millions.

Rapid Phased Implementation

Cloud based systems have changed the game in terms of capability, cost and time to value, but with TRG’s rapid phased implementation approach you can have your system up and running in months rather than years. Often ERP implementations leave many issues, open actions and underutilized capabilities. TRG can quickly assess and optimize your Enterprise Systems, generating greater performance and value.

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Assess current organizational and technology capabilities to identify gaps and opportunities

Evaluate Technology  opportunities aligned with your Strategic Vision

Develop the roadmap for technology selection/implementation

Select Enterprise Systems for ERP, CRM, PLM, MES, FP&A, FPM, BIM, Estimating and BI

Create competition ensuring lowest software and implementation costs

Establish greater business process capabilities and performance

Drive programs and projects to rapid successful implementation

Leverage Cloud solutions to reduce costs, speed implementation, and ease integration

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Supply chain advanced planning implementation


Rapid ERP selection and implementation


Cloud ERP rapid phased implementation

Technology Strategy is now a critical path to achieving Business Objectives. The wrong technology and tool set drags down the business every day, whereas the right technology and tool set can propel a company forward to achieve objectives rapidly and efficiently.  Because of the velocity of technology innovation, determining the best strategy is extremely difficult, but critical to the ongoing success of the company.  

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