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Business success through operational innovation

Delivering supply chain innovation demands excellence in both operational design and embracing operational change companywide or across multiple companies. The Results Group (TRG) is built to deliver innovative solutions and measurable results under these toughest of circumstances. Our team brings a unique combination of senior experience, operational knowledge, organizational know-how, creativity and pragmatism.


TRG’s functional expertise is concentrated within and across the key operational domains below. As thought leaders, player-coaches, process consultants, project managers, and interim managers, the TRG team brings this expertise to bear in every assignment. Click on the domains below to learn more.


Supply Chain is no longer just about physical products; it’s also about customer experience! Direct customer contact for Service and Support is often provided by outsourced and even off-shore suppliers. Products are designed by global networks of collaborative partners. These trends highlight the key role Supply Chain thinking and disciplines play in successfully delivering end-to-end customer experience and core business value. The Supply Chain challenge now encompasses building one’s capabilities to reliably deliver the value proposition, whether through internal or external resources, and whatever the combination of physical, digital and experiential elements.


Technology Strategy is now a critical path to achieving Business Objectives. The wrong technology and tool set drags down the business every day, whereas the right technology and tool set can propel a company forward to achieve objectives rapidly and efficiently.  Because of the velocity of technology innovation, determining the best strategy is extremely difficult, but critical to the ongoing success of the company.  


Product and Service Development success is not just about shrinking time. It is also about delighting customers, establishing dominant market positions, and driving outstanding returns. TRG’s Innovate 4 Results     approach brings together the overall business picture, functional and project focus and senior managerial judgment to enable us to work with clients and their partners to get where they want to go.



Sustainability is both means and end. Environmental sustainability can be seen and used as a means to achieving top level business goals (ends) such as lower costs, higher profitability, more customer satisfaction and higher sales. In this respect, sustainability is just like other key operational objectives such as reducing delivery cycles. Delivering faster and more reliably than competitors serves the higher objective of increasing business, but this isn’t going to happen unless someone in the organization focuses squarely on increasing speed. Similarly, someone must focus squarely on sustainability as an end in order to achieve the greatest business benefits.


The most enduring rule of business is that customers always want more: more enjoyable experience and faster gratification. Just throwing money at customer experience, shotgun style, may provide some marginal effect on customer satisfaction and business differentiation, but this approach can neither be sustained nor yield superior returns. And poorly conceived or executed programs can attack expense but put customer experience and lifetime value at risk. Firms need better tradeoffs and better outcomes that yield exceptional Customer Experience, scalable operations, low cost and better overall profitability.

We understand the opportunities and challenges of each major inflection point that must be navigated on the path to success. Several well-known and emerging companies have partnered with TRG. These include:

  • Start-ups establishing early velocity, repeatability and business performance

  • Growing mid-size companies that are building presence, capabilities and infrastructure

  • Mature firms renewing growth and profitability through process and product innovation

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"TRG's approach and capabilities provided us with rapid product cost reduction results."


Jim Goodrich, Sr. Director, Strategic Commodity Management


"TRG's team was expert in both Operations and PLEX capabilities. They led us through the implementation process and kept us focused....”


Mercedes Soria, Knightscope EVP, Software Engineering and Operations

"...TRG helped us deliver an incredibly successful Q4, marked by on-time order fulfillment and most importantly, happy customers."

Jeannine Smith, Senior Vice President of Operations


Be in touch today — and start your business on a path to success.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon about your questions or needs. -TRG Team

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