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Rapid time-to-value with Cloud ERP

Cloud-based business applications are turning up in all kinds of business settings: Manufacturing, Engineering, Customer Service & Support, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources and others. Essentially every business domain is seeing the advent and adoption of cloud-based systems, from stand-alone systems as large as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to add-ons as small as travel expense account tracking. Why are cloud-based applications enjoying such rapid growth? They are a clear winner when these criteria are especially important:

  • Fast implementation and short time-to-benefit

  • Out-of-box Integration with standard business data sources and protocols

  • Near-zero initial capital outlay

  • Minimized Information Technology (I/T) maintenance and overhead

Fast implementation doesn’t have to skip functionality critical to business value. In addition to the right application, achieving simultaneous rapid and robust implementation demands:

  • Deep domain expertise

  • Knowledge of special & unique characteristics of implementing company

  • A process designed for both rapid and robust implementation

The Results Group continues to deliver rapid innovation, in partnership with clients, by ensuring rapid and robust implementation of cloud-based systems. One of our recent projects is a good example.

This emerging robotic security company has exciting technology and home-run business potential. It delivers smart eyes and ears along with an imposing physical presence to help protect customers, assets and employees 24/7, indoors and out. To realize this potential the company needed a rapid ramp up of operations with newly scalable processes and systems.

Transforming operations from manual to automated using the PLEX Cloud ERP set the stage for Knightscope’s rapid growth rate of almost 500% since go live, while avoiding increased headcount by 25%. TRG led this transformation from design to implementation within 12 weeks, realizing first module benefits in less than 4 weeks from contract to value!

To learn more about our engagement with Knightscope read the full study here

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